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Amy Jo

Superstar Consultant

My Story


Take a peek at my Scentsy Life!

I made a decision that changed my life ... ( & so can you!!!)

I married my hubby in September 2005. Now married 18+ years!!!

This journey is so much more than just the $$ though!! Myself and my teamies have so many reasons they chose Scentsy, here are just a few;
*Financially (date nights, kids sports, self care money for bills...)
*Socially (meeting so many new friends, having a life outside of being a mommy or wife)
*Emotionally (this biz is therapeutic to some, an escape away from their full/part time jobs)
*Travel (this biz offers FREE all expenses paid trips to those that earn them)

I am blessed to be the mother of 2 very active BOYS. My life has forever changed in the most amazing way because of my family.
I’m so grateful to not have to miss out on all their special moments.

Scentsy has also financially blessed my family. PLUS, there isn't just income to be gained which is an obvious!

I believe that God is doing something awesome with our team and I'm in awe of how much He has blessed us.

Stop missing basketball/baseball/band/ time with family and birthday parties because of your "JOB". The way I see it, that you may have $99 to lose, but and unlimited income to gain. Whats the last thing you spent $99 on that paid you BACK over and over?!

I am currently looking for NEW PEOPLE to bless & add to our Team AJB Scents Family! Our team is very supportive and I would love to help you get started on this journey. Are ready to change your own life and become your own boss? Or maybe you're just looking for something to do to keep you busy? Then this is the perfect business for you! What are you waiting for? Its only $99 to join, which includes your starter kit and a free website for 3 months. (or, we have a $59 join kit also!) Plus being your OWN BOSS? HELLO, IT'S TIME!!! If you're interested in joining the team please click on the link below to get started, I will contact you with the rest!

If you would like to host a party to earn FREE & Half off Scentsy register below to get your party scheduled or contact me!

I am looking forward to showing you all Scentsy has to offer and having you fall in love with it ...if you haven't already!!!

With Love,

Amy Jo

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